Time Spent  Swimming       

"Space Woman is so expressive, it plays like a contemporary socio-political cabaret" - Exclaim!

"I could not stop thinking that Jane Siberry had wed Elvis Costello and Tom Waits performed the service"

- the Humm

"When Selina Martin's new album arrived in my mailbox, and my CD player shortly afterwards, I knew right away she was the good stuff ... I knew this would be more than just good. It would be great" - Victoria Times Colonist

Released 1998

"If Feist totally rocked out, it might sound like Disaster Fantasies. One of the 10 best albums of the year" 

- Ottawa Citizen 

Disaster Fantasies is one of the Globe’s picks for the Polaris Prize - The Globe & Mail (Canada’s National Newspaper) 

"'Throw Me In the Water,” “Breathe In” and “Always On My Mind” all candidates for song of the year." - Michael Barclay

Polaris predictions from Radio Free Caunuckistan - Disaster Fantasies by Selina Martin 

Released 2010


★★★★ 4/4 stars - "Selina Martin has the voice of a thrift-shop angel and the eye of an eagle circling over its prey" - The Globe & Mail

★★★★ "Life Drawing Without Instruction is a compelling collection showcasing Martin's musicianship, vocal talent and songwriting ability" - Vue Weekly

★★★★ "Martin revels in the unexpected on her tough, tender, and frequently astounding sophomore effort" - Ottawa Xpress

Released 2004

i've been picking caruso's brain; i think i have the information we need 

to make a new world

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