inviteSelina Martin's most recent album is called Disaster Fantasies.

Available on VINYL which comes with a full length CD inside.
in Toronto at Criminal Records
493 Queen St W 416-364-5380
and in Montreal at 
4050 rue Berri 514-288-2113
Aux 33 Tours1379 avenue Du Mont-Royal Est 514-524-7397,
Cheap Thrills2044 Metcalfe 514-844-8988, and anywhere else if you order it. You can buy it online at
and at ZUNIOR

iTunes single: The Hottest Day

Listen: No Form | I Know Dullness


LISTEN> Disaster Fantasies on Soundcloud:



"Disaster Fantasies by Selina Martin: She alone survived to tell the tale, and it’s told with humour and force, while the nostrils tingle at the smell of blood still running fresh from a wound that may never close. A great record from one of the most overlooked talents in Canadian music."

Selina Martin and the Faceless Forces of Bigness cover the Tragically Hip's "Grace, Too"
for the 2011 tribute release called Have Not Been the Same - Vol. 1: Too Cool to Live, Too Smart to Die.
listen : Grace, Too - Selina Martin (mp3) - Buy the album at